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She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and later received a Master’s Degree in journalism from American University.

While attending American University, Rancic worked for Capitol Hill News Bureau, covering stories related to the Pentagon, Supreme Court, and the White House.

And this can mean the super mundane, like what *insert celebrity name here* had for breakfast.

But the greatest hype surrounds celeb relationships–who’s dating who (or let’s face it, who’s merely spotted next to whom), where they’re wining and dining, and especially anything to do with celebrity weddings.

Giuliana Rancic: It's gotten easier now that we've done seven seasons. But I don't know how many chances we're gonna get, and if this is the last time, I'd love a girl. Your Tango: Was it love at first sight when you met Bill? Your Tango: When was the last time you surprised him with something romantic?

We don't feel the cameras as much as we used to, and we're okay with it, because there has been a lot of positive feedback. Giuliana Rancic: I surprised him with a trip to Mexico, rented a house there.

Your Tango: How hard is it to have really deeply personal conversations so publicly, having your private life out there for everyone to discuss? Giuliana Rancic: I've always wanted a girl, but then I think a boy would be nice because he and Duke would have each other. " That's very important because I remember I dated a guy for a couple of years and I thought, "I don't know if he'd make a great dad or husband, and make the kids the priority." I knew that Bill would.True to her positive nature, she fought the cancer and decided to get a double mastectomy; she even filmed her experience for her reality TV show.She has been cancer-free ever since and uses her story to inspire others.She created Fab-U-Wish, a program that grants fashion, celebrity, and beauty-themed wishes to women battling breast cancer.She didn’t let breast cancer dampen her dream of becoming a mother either: The Hollywood couple decided to use a surrogate, and they now have a son named Edward Duke, born in July 2013.

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