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Join Eric Ripert, star chef of the three-star Michelin rated Le Bernardin — the only restaurant to have earned five consecutive four-star ratings from The New York Times — for a discussion about his debut memoir .

Add the cream and reduce slightly until thickened, about 3 minutes and season to taste with salt. To serve, place the swordfish in the center of the plates.

Spoon the sauce over and around the swordfish and squeeze over lemon juice to taste.

If you’ve ever seen Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain together, you know that the two are deeply in wuv. He travels around the world and swears for a living, all while eating food and shooting things.

Ripert: This guy made me suffer on , after three seconds, I turned off the TV and never watched again.

What makes you cringe when watching yourselves on TV?

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Bourdain: Guy Fieri’s tweet that he was on his way to a Nickelback concert. If only he said, “My good friend Vanilla Ice is coming with me,” and my head would have exploded. She thinks Snoop Dogg is her kindly uncle because he’s in the video. But in a perfect world, I would not be on the fucking show! Speaking of unwanted fame, ever play that game where you devise your hypothetical porn star names?

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