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The SAML policy type supports SAML assertions that match version 2.0 of the SAML Core Specification and Version 1.0 of the WS-Security SAML Token Profile specification.Policy processing: There are many pieces of information that may be specified in a SAML assertion.Authentication defines the way a user is identified and validated through some sort of credentials as part of a login flow.

However, with increased collaboration and the move towards the cloud, many applications have moved beyond the boundaries of a company’s domain.

In many cases you need to see what is in the SAML messages even if you have no access to the servers log files.

Although transferred via the browser the base64 and sometimes zipped content is not directly readable.

The most common way to perform validator based validation is to use a Validator Suite (see the configuration file section to learn how to configure these).

These suites can be used on a single SAMLObject, a tree of SAMLObjects, or multiple trees of SAMLObjects (i.e.

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