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I ask this cause I just quoted someone and they said the girl had become a slut so just wondered if guys do actually like sluts?I would say I would never and could never become a slut as that just isn't me.

(It's this girl) [x2] She's so pretty, fuck self pity, I feel so shitty I wanna text her in a jealous rage, but if she replied Or say anything, I'mma smile, I know What do I do with myself?This photo has been attributed to the women’s march in Peyton, CO, on Jan 21, 2017. On 21 January 2017 the Facebook page “Red White Blue News” published the above-reproduced photograph, which was widely reported as having been taken Peyton, Colorado, at one of the many local adjuncts to the Women’s March on Washington event held that day The image was reposted by tens of thousands of Facebook users and was used to illustrate blog posts decrying the Women’s March, but the photograph’s lack of any relationship to that event was easily proved via reverse image searching.I’m wondering if you can verify the origins of this photo. The photograph in question was not taken at a 21 January 2017 Women’s March event in Peyton, Colorado, or at any other event, anywhere, connected with the Women’s March on Washington.I felt powerful chemistry the first time I saw her.We work in the same place (A state TV organization), she's an announcer. I sent her a message on Facebook and we talked on chat for about two weeks.

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  1. Alina Kabayeva, 32, had vanished from public life for a number of weeks prior to last night, when she attended a girls' gymnastics contest as part of 70th anniversary celebrations of the end of the Second World War.