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Then they discovered that their wives also shared a birthday (different than their husbands).“After thinking about how to calculate the odds, we concluded the best approach would be to contact you,” Mr.

I have had 3 major relationships and they were all with libra women irrespective of how we ended, i ll still pick a Libra woman any time...#teamlibra.addictiv: You have Libra babes to date and u are complaining....

But don’t shy away from serious conversations—as Venus moves into the communicative sign of Gemini, discussion and negotiations can go well.

Let your weekly horoscope show you just how well....

“I really didn’t even put it together until we got pregnant,” he said in a telephone interview Wednesday. ’” Using a smartphone app, he said, his wife calculated a due date of Dec. “Hillary is exactly six hours older than me,” Luke Gardner said. “That comes out to .0000000751 -- seven zeros and then 751,” or about 7.5 in a million, he said, which comes to about one in 133,000.

Statisticians note that this ignores such factors as leap years and the fact that births are not evenly spaced throughout the year.

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