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When it does, however, users will have to continue using Chrome on Windows XP and Windows Vista with higher risk of getting infected by cybersecurity threats and malware.

Either that or they upgrade to newer operating systems.

For the second time, Google has pushed back on pulling the plug on Chrome for Microsoft's older operating systems.

This time, however, Google seems intent on killing off Chrome support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

In the past, have had too many experiences where one of Microsoft’s updates renders something within my system as un-functional, and I am almost 100% positive that this is occurring again, however, I cannot pin point which update is doing this, nor exactly what is causing this issues.

What is happening is I cannot get Chrome to access the internet, at all. It is crucial for me to have this service, since this is my #1 choice for internet browsers, and (since I develop web-sites) I require it to work out cross-compatibility issues.

Now, with that out of the way, every browser that I have installed (IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari) all work fine, except for Chrome, and I only experience this problem after I update Windows 7.

If you are running Chrome on a Windows XP or Vista machine, you will have received a notification by now on the browser's new tab page that informs you that support for that browser will end soon.

The message reads "This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows vista will no longer be supported".

Today in this article, we are going to share a very simple solution to get rid of this irritating end of support for Windows XP and Vista pop-up notification in Google Chrome.

After following this tutorial, you'll be able to disable this "no support for Windows XP and Vista" infobar message in Chrome.

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