Allyson felix dating kenneth ferguson

The first track that she ran was back in the ninth grade and that it seems was the door to many tracks that she has run.In the 2004 Summer Olympics, Felix finished the 200 meters with a silver medal.Today News Gazette reports that the couple have been in a relationship since 2005.In addition, Ferguson is in the same field as his wife, being a talented sprinter, so they surely bond over athleticism.” A little while back, there were rumors that Felix is pregnant!So, people are now asking, “Are Kenneth Ferguson and Allyson Felix married? Allyson Felix is competing in the 100m, 200m, and 400m, as well as in the women’s relay events at this year’s Olympics.

With her talents and medals, Felix discovered that this was what she was born to do.Since the pregnancy rumors have started making their rounds, people are concerned that Felix is participating in such strenuous events.However, these rumors are not yet confirmed and neither is Felix saying anything.What is confirmed is that Kenneth Ferguson is an important part of Felix’s life, and has been for a long time. Ferguson has been Felix’s boyfriend for several years now, and though they are not yet officially married, they are as close as two people could be.Though Felix is known all over the world, Ferguson is not so well known.

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